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Posted by MFish

Years ago, in the days long past,
I worked on a Threshing machine.
A machine that would separate chafe from grain
Blowing out the straw of wheat stems.
A mower had cut down the wheat,
Leaving it in windrows.
The bundling machine would gather the loose
Wheat and bundle into sheaf's, leaving them in a row.
My job, at that time, was to use a Bundle Fork,
To pick up the sheaf's and throw to the wagon,
The person on the wagon, would catch and
Lay it down and stack until the wagon was full.
On this one, very sunny day, I grabbed
A bundle , with my special fork and
Threw it back over my head.
When I looked at the ground and with a double take,
There at my feet was a long rattlesnake.
My reaction was swift, the snake a surprise.
I broke my Bundle Fork; the snake met its demise .
Snakes were not a friend of mine
So nary a tear nor did I pine,
Except I had to use a regular pitchfork,
Which is a lot heavier and my work was more
difficult. As for the snake he was probably
More surprised than I.

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