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Posted by MFish

The heart that beats within my chest
Keeps on beating, no matter the test,
As the love I've known for many a year,
Slowly, oh so slowly, begins to disappear.
My love for her is strong.
Her love for me is not,
As her memory can no longer
Recall. I know my life is wrought,
With this terrible loss of love,
No matter the indifference from above.

There are some stories, quite old,
About going prospecting for gold.
I'm sure you have heard them before,
As they are now part of Western Lore.
Searching through forests and bare hillside;
Walking most always but an occasional ride.
Searching and searching in rocks that erode,
Looking for the very elusive, "Mother Lode."
Hearing these tales, while around a fire,
Trying to determine if true or a liar.
No one will tell you, where it is found.
Only one place, deep in the ground.

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