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Posted by MFish

There once was a Gnu, his name was Lou.
He was a very young Gnu, who couldn't do
Everything an old Gnu knew.
At certain times, in Lou's young life, you see
He wanted to do Gnu things, like you and me,
Because, if he didn't his mood would turn blue.
That wasn't supposed to happen to he,
To become the blue Gnu, named Lou.
Lou loved to run and gambol, like a young kid
And of course, being young, that's what he did.
Playing was good for Lou the Gnu, who grew,
Into a healthy and strong, Big Lou Gnu.
As you may have already guessed or surmised,
Lou the Gnu met a girl Gnu and was surprised
To find her name was Lulu the Gnu.
They married and in a very short while,
Young Gnus arrived; Lou and Lulu did smile.

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Loy • 03/02/2019 at 01:36PM • Like

:) !

Was it a dream
Or just an illusion.
I am uncertain,
Without any doubt.
I looked in a mirror;
What did I see?
A small Chimpanzee,
Looking at me.
It smiled,
While scratching it's head
And was wearing a hat,
A bright shade of red.
What do you want?
What can it mean,
When you see a Chimp,
In your mirror scene?
I don't know,
What's in my mind.
It's an animal,
So don't be unkind.
Then, in a hurry,
It was gone,
So don't you worry.
Will it return?
That I don't know,
But if it does,
We'll put on a show.

Out by the sidewalk,
Close to our front door,
I espy a mound of dirt,
Sitting up about an inch or so.
I mutter to myself,
"This Mole just has to go."
I have no desire to dispose
Of this small creature,
But I do want it to be,
Discouraged and just leave.
Stick a hose down into the hole;
Turn on the water and see,
Where it goes, flushing a mole.
There is a powder, I sprinkle
On the remains of his hole,
That shows the work of
A quite active Mole.
It won't harm this little fellow,
But will encourage it to move
Away from this site,
Then I'll sleep better.
Perhaps a whole night

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