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Posted by MFish

I found a support group, you see,
I thought it might be good for me.
Boy was I wrong, it was much worse.
For me, it brought out all the misery
Of loss that Caregivers, face every day.
I know, I felt so lucky to be
With my wife who has many issues
Of losing most of her memory,
Not one who yells or swears at me
But the gentle soul, who still loves me.

There are some stories, quite old,
About going prospecting for gold.
I'm sure you have heard them before,
As they are now part of Western Lore.
Searching through forests and bare hillside;
Walking most always but an occasional ride.
Searching and searching in rocks that erode,
Looking for the very elusive, "Mother Lode."
Hearing these tales, while around a fire,
Trying to determine if true or a liar.
No one will tell you, where it is found.
Only one place, deep in the ground.

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