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Posted by MFish

Who Writes

Posted by MFishProfile 03/19/21 at 07:55AM Life Stories See more by MFish

Who writes this tripe,
must have zero memory,
for I don't recall,
anything resembling me.
Me, with my EGO,
inflated like a dime store
balloon, leaking air;
will deflate quite soon.
Please help me now, I'm begging
you. Oh please, I will
pray for all I must appease
the writing spirits at the top of
the stair. The spirit of life
is everywhere. Go now from me.
Please let me be, for the loss
of one close, is what I do see.
I pray for your spirit, every night
of my life and will pray again
for my friends and my wife.
My family and friends are loved
by me. Please dear Lord, I pray;
let them stay here with me.

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