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Posted by MFish

A quasi farm boy, just like me,
joined the Navy and was to see;
First plane ride, from Island Whidbey,
down the coast, the trip for me.
Then to my home, USS Marsh 699, DE.
Shipped out from San Diego, now at sea,
Pearl Harbor, Midway Island, my litany.
Home Port Guam; Island surveillance to be,
the Marshall Islands, Eniwetok, Truk and Bikini.
Heading South, across the Equator, was my duty,
the ritual of initiation, now a "Shellback" you see
and we crossed the line by Kapingamarangi.
Back to Guam, the R & R for me.
North was our heading, going back to sea,
stopping at the Islands, Jima; Haha and Chichi.
Then to the Island of the Rising Sun, for me,
into the shipyards at Yokosuka, our destiny.
Repairs completed, headed South, visiting Island Ulithia.
Going ashore, with Natives in loin cloths a sight to see.
Getting underway, once again, our next journey,
back to San Diego, where I like to be.

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Loy • 12/29/2018 at 02:16PM • Like

Quite an experience for anybody! What year was this?

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MFish • 12/30/2018 at 10:10PM • Like

55 0r 56

Up very early, wife's still asleep.
Trying to be quiet, as I keep
An early morning time to run
Through the dark, shadowed streets,
Before the rising of the Sun.
It is very quiet, not much noise
Except for some figures
That appear to be paper boys.
I move up the street; a little hill
As my breathing and pulse increases;
I know it always will.
I push harder now, up this slight rise.
My breath appears white and puffy
Before my sleepy eyes.
At the top I take a left,
Down 148th's long, slight decline.
My breathing back to normal,
Now this run is mine.
I finish this early morning run,
Almost 6 taxing miles.
Returning home, my running clothes I shed,
I go into the shower; my wife is still in bed.
Finish the ritual of bath
And put on a suit and tie.
Out the door, I go to work
Feeling happy and very spry.
I will repeat this daily ritual
Until I feel like a well oiled machine,
Then I will be more ready,
If you know what I mean.

The morning fog, laid on the ground
muffling noise, from all around.
With my coat and sweater zipped up tight,
I start my walk, at Dawn's first light.
Walking early, is the best for me
as I can free my mind, readily.
I review my life, as it is now,
thinking about promises in our wedding vow.
Especially intriguing "In sickness and in health."
My love can't be measured in terms of wealth.
I will do what I must do
and keep taking care of you.

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