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Posted by MFish

Farm Boy

Posted by MFish Posted on 12/27/2018 at 07:42AM Other See more by MFish

A quasi farm boy, just like me,
joined the Navy and was to see;
First plane ride, from Island Whidbey,
down the coast, the trip for me.
Then to my home, USS Marsh 699, DE.
Shipped out from San Diego, now at sea,
Pearl Harbor, Midway Island, my litany.
Home Port Guam; Island surveillance to be,
the Marshall Islands, Eniwetok, Truk and Bikini.
Heading South, across the Equator, was my duty,
the ritual of initiation, now a "Shellback" you see
and we crossed the line by Kapingamarangi.
Back to Guam, the R & R for me.
North was our heading, going back to sea,
stopping at the Islands, Jima; Haha and Chichi.
Then to the Island of the Rising Sun, for me,
into the shipyards at Yokosuka, our destiny.
Repairs completed, headed South, visiting Island Ulithia.
Going ashore, with Natives in loin cloths a sight to see.
Getting underway, once again, our next journey,
back to San Diego, where I like to be.

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Loy • 12/29/2018 at 02:16PM • Like Profile

Quite an experience for anybody! What year was this?

Blow ye hard, wind of mine.
Rid this nation of hate entwine.
Flee from here, you shameful man,
Inciting divisions as only you can.

Accept not the blame for your act.
Keep up your lies, untruth and fact.
Run this Fall, if you must.
How to do when there is no trust?

Let all the citizens; let them see
The full extent of your own hypocrisy.
Run for re-election and when you fail,
Perhaps the next place is Federal jail.

Down the path, like a runaway car,
the lives now lost, near and far.
You care not; that's easy to see,
as your lies will live an eternity.
As a president you are the worst,
when your lies cause your World to burst.
Citizens both far and near,
want to know when you'll disappear,
in the coming months, it will do
for next November, please vote Blue.

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