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Posted by MFish

Here's to my family, of wonderful friends.
My wish for happiness and good cheer,
During the turbulent times, we live in.
Can we do, for this beautiful season,
Have a rich love for each other,
No matter if, it's Sister and Mother?
To make a wish of grand Peace,
And of eternal Joy, upon one another.
The great love that we do share,
Should be our motivation and deed,
No matter the Race or Religious creed.
We must all be of God's children
And so, what I say to thee,
Please hold each and every friend close,
In this great land of the free.

Someone once said I was a handsome man.
That was before all the aging began.
The skin starts to sag, not just a little.
What once was my chest, is now my middle.
My back that was straight and erect,
Is bent like a straw and has an effect,
On the pain that I feel in the morn,
Makes me wonder, when I was born.

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