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Posted by MFish

A friend of mine, that I held dear,
is no longer around. No longer here,
took me riding, into woods and hill.
I was excited and had a chill.
Mountain biking, no pedaling for me,
but a 250 cc. Cotton, I did see.
A Cotton is a wonderful machine,
made for Trials riders, that I am not.
I didn't ride in the parking lot.
Going up the trail, was problem not.
Coming down, was my real trial,
for my front brake, was in denial.
A rear brake, shifting down, was my defense
and I barely stopped, before the fence.
I thank you, my lost friend, Jack
for keeping me safe and watching my back.

It's a strange World we live in,
Full of truths and of some lies,
That may appear quite different
When seen through another's eyes.

A World of great frustration
Or of a lover's sighs.
No matter, what your thought,
We all must now realize,
We are all quite different,
But it should not be a surprise,
That we are all the same
When seen through our God's eyes.

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