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Posted by MFish

When the tears fall
like a leaf from a tree,
isn't it a wonder,
that we can see?
Tears may flow
from our eyes,
to a bare cheek.
It's an emotional release,
not because we are weak.
Some may hold, a tear or two.
Others weep easily, like me and you.
It is not a weakness, don't you see,
as it may help retain your sanity.

Why must I sit here with my mind all hazy?
I'm thinking (not good), that I'm going crazy.
It is a danger when I think, like I do,
That I become estranged, from someone like you.
Doesn't mean, I don't love who you are,
Just that you're on a pedestal and a star.
I do love you, more than you'll ever know,
So let's get with it and on with the show.

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