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Posted by MFish

A Young Boy

Posted by MFish Profile 12/19/20 at 11:47PM Share Other See more by MFish

A young boy, shy and forlorn,
quiet since the day he was born.
His only shoes were quite scuffed,
clothing was clean but tattered and torn.
He played with others
when ever he could,
but most of the time was by himself,
behind the house, deep in the Wood.
This shy, retiring , bashful guy
would get anxious and
sometime he would cry,
for someone to help him.
To tell him "this is your day."
Play when you want and
do whatever you say,
but treat all people as a friend
and if you do that for life
it will be real and not "Let's pretend."

A Comment by Carl

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Carl • 12/20/2020 at 08:52PM • Like 1 Profile

Very nice

A Comment by MFish

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MFish • 12/20/2020 at 11:28PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Carl

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