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Posted by MFish

The last flowers that bloomed this Fall,
Have wilted and faded, to none at all.
The colors that were so intense,
Have darkened, so there is no pretense
Of life, as their hardened stems sing
"I'm gone and won't bloom, 'til Spring.

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MFish • 11/20/2018 at 11:31PM • Like

Just so you know. If you tell me subjects I will attempt to write something for you, no charge. I need different subject matter to move away from the sadness that is currently in my life. Thank you.

We were told to be good, behave
And from this life, our Souls to save.
The hardness of our life, I see
Is full of fear of life's reality.
Remember that a person, should not deride
The feelings that others, have trapped inside.
We all have our life to live,
No matter what, we have time to give
And support family and friends, I know
That we must do that to save our Soul.

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