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Posted by MFish

Remember you not, the day before,
For it is gone and is no more
Than a memory, of our past,
Here today but will not last.
So I say to you, my friend,
The money you have, do not lend.
For this life is short, that's for certain
And soon there will be, a final curtain,
For that curtain, brings abject sorrow,
For those who will, never see tomorrow.

When the evening light, turns to black,
It's the time for a memory lapse.
Not recalling names of long lost friends,
Or remembering places we went to, often.
The sense of loss of her mind, I feel
Afraid for her, in this life surreal.
"Weep not for me", she's said before,
As we trudge towards that fateful door.
The cruelty of this disease, to me
Astounds my view of the lost memory.

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