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Posted by MFish

I say this, not as a jest,
As my worries, start to manifest
And I see, both near and far,
That you know not where you are
Or what locations, that are so near,
No longer exist and now, do disappear,
From your memory, which once was grand
But can not provide location, on demand.
What actions, can I try or do,
To make this journey, easier for you?
My heart, is being wrenched from within
And my sanity, is now stretched thin.
What plan has God, made for thee?
For at this moment, I cannot see,
What an outcome, that will become part
Of our life, tearing apart my heart.
Dear God, please help get me through,
This painful process, of what to do.
Prayer and thoughts, to you I say,
No longer keep my fears at bay

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Loy • 07/04/2018 at 09:45AM • Like

Beautifully written— it really captures the sadness and pain of this challenge you and others must be going through. It’s nice that you have writing poetry and your photography as an outlet that you share for all the rest of us to appreciate. Thank you for sharing.

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