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Posted by MFish

Please don't bring problems to my door,
Please do bring your solution, to the fore.
I will welcome you and all the rest
To provide the answer and the best
Information to solve, this problem unique
In the simplest way, as we speak.
A learning process, this most certainly was,
In the development of the peoples cause.
I'll never forget, the friends I made,
While working together, being unafraid
To make those decisions, of what to do,
When it wasn't me but it was you.

I lay in bed, in the still of the night,
Knowing not, why I am still awake.
Was it something I ate, prior to bed
Or a worrisome thought stuck in my head.
I rise from our bed, not using a light
And go someplace quiet, so I can write
Of the words, rushing into my brain,
Like the picture of an oncoming train.
My Dad used to tease me, sometimes at night
To wear a stocking cap, on real tight,
So when the wind was really a blow,
My ears, like a kite and off I'd go,
Into the air, like a string less kite.
All teasing aside, I know don't you see
My Father really did love and support me.

You are the Captain of my life,
For my spirits fly, when with you.
No matter what this life brings,
The joy I see in your face
Is more than I should be entitled
To partake. You were the one,
I was looking for, to love and honor
And so much more. What to do
When the life of ours does end,
Will remain for others and our friends.

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