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The 5 year request is for use of the State Parks for up to 3 days at a time, and up to 36 training events a year. Time frames  cover all year except December, including the parks' peak season of June through November. The requests also include three, 5 year renewal options. Which means 20 years.
You can read all 29 requests here. The Cama Beach S.P. request is on page 11 and the one for Camano Island S. P. is on page 20.  Learn more or Comment online 

Science Night is NOT a Science Fair! It's Science Fun for the whole family! Please come join us for our annual Science extravaganza!

There’s something for everyone from elementary to adult! We’ll have businesses & organizations that use science in their daily work, colleges & universities, senior project presentations, rockets, explosions, art shows, and multiple rooms of science demonstrations run by Mount Vernon High School students & teachers! -

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