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Long Grow

Posted by MFish Profile 05/07/24 at 04:25PM Share Family See more by MFish

Long grow the shadow,
beyond the far, away hill,
where you will find plants,
like the golden Daffodill.

A plant grown commercially,
for many a year,
but in the wilderness,
will suddenly appear.

Resulting from a Pioneer,
family who built a home,
where the wildlife was plenty,
and the buffalo would roam.

How hard it must have
been to start with nothing
and rebuild your home
comfort, safety again.

A room full of goodbyes
is what I see, in the Memory
Care facility, as family members,
come to visit loved ones.
A sadness permeates the air,
as small white lies are delivered,
by those leaving.
See you next week or I'll be back
to see you soon.
An unsavory situation? No, just
a way to say your goodbye to
a loved one.

What has happened
to the one I love.
Why is she this way,
forsaken by God above?

Who would treat their
children in this way?
No one I know, but
still, they will say,

Trust in God,
in every way,
things will get better,
believe, hope and pray.

I am sorry, I cannot.
No longer will I be,
a believer in you.
A false God I see.

As part of a growing national dialogue around hospice abuse, trade groups and government watchdog agencies are pushing regulators to make changes.
Last week, the four largest hospice trade associations jointly sent a detailed memo of policy proposals to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which regulates the end-of-life care benefit. Their 34 recommendations, which span eight pages, directly address the alarming business practices outlined by a recent ProPublica-New Yorker investigation...... Read more

This week's post is the true retelling of what happened one recent Christmas to me and my family. I was beginning to lose all hope for a joyful family Christmas. But then it happened. I like to think of it as a Christmas miracle.
Read what happened and decide for yourself. Do you believe in miracles?

Author's note: Although I normally attempt to write a humorous story - after all this IS a humor website - every now and then I choose to write something serious, from the heart. This is one of those situations. - TEJ
This is the 100% true story of my wife's and my adoption stories. Our two daughters, now all grown up, joined our family roughly one year apart, when we traveled to China on two separate occasions to adopt. Read about the powerful experience that I never could have imagined would have happened to me, and which changed my life forever, in a profoundly positive way - twice.

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Loy • 11/06/2022 at 12:10AM • Like Profile

Great story. 🙂


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