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Posted by MFish

I would like to explain,
the feelings I have,
when I write these words,
so you will understand.
The relief, once again
putting to paper with
my ink and pen;
typing the words, written here,
will on Kudo's appear.
Why is it so important to me,
for you readers to see
a very small glimpse
of who I might be?
Leave it alone, once was said,
but I favor the Beatles
who wrote "Let It Be" and it was read.

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Loy • 04/04/2021 at 02:09PM • Like Profile

I look forward to reading your poetry every day. Thank you for sharing it.

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MFish • 04/04/2021 at 11:02PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy. I appreciate your comments.

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