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More About Words

Posted by MFish Profile 10/11/21 at 11:22PM Humor See more by MFish

I have written of words
and the role, which they play.
Words are only loose letters,
which we have in array.
Funny, the words,
we use every day;
Let's use an example.
Port is a word
used on a Sea coast.
In Latin it means, gate or door
or portal, an entrance.
Port, when used at Sea,
means your left,
it's plain to see.
Port, in the Navy
is always colored red,
or the color of wine.
Port can also mean to carry.
To carry or port, this object to me.

A younger version of me today,
said, " when I get older and grey,
I will learn how to play,
this guitar, still in its case.
Now here I am, "old and grey",
with the guitar still in place,
while my arthritic fingers are sore,
and have difficulty playing a score.
Procrastination, is never a good thing,
fortunately for you I can't sing.


Posted by MFish Profile 10/09/21 at 05:07AM Humor See more by MFish

If wheat has a germ,
can you become sick
or is it an expression,
like, "thick as a brick"?
"Don't put all your
"eggs in one basket,"
or is it, a "tisket a taskset?
When a door is ajar,
is it still a door?
If you close the shutter,
how do you throw up the sash?
Seem like doing it this way,
would bring a loud crash.

A motely creature,
a holey Goat,
came to visit us
and eat what he could.
It was everything in his sight,
every plant and some wood.
Go away, Goat, let us be,
you're not included in our menagerie.
" I know," said the Goat,
"for I can talk, you see,
is that a Lilac bush
or just a small tree?"
"I'll be on my way, as you can see
for I didn't care for your hospitality."
With a shake of his head
and a flip of his tail,
he strode away from me.
He was an odd colored Goat
going away from me.


Posted by MFish Profile 09/21/21 at 11:05PM Humor See more by MFish

is a number,
also a sound,
which ends with
the final countdown.

also a number
of one plus one,
which totals two
when you are done.

also a number,
important to me.
The month
of your birth,
in our history.

a number,
broad in scope,
remember now,
don't be a dope.

Five ,
is a number.
Cinco to you.
A fifth
when a quart
won't do.

a number
of a five and a one.
A half a dozen,
isn't this fun?

a number,
total days in
a week.
A lucky number
is what we want.

a number,
a doubling of four,
eighter from Decatur,
I'll say no more.

also a number,
which will shine,
an upside down
six, most of the time.

is a number,
the top
of the chain.
An end
to this
Say you're
a Ten,
then walk away.

Your avatar
MFish • 09/22/2021 at 05:45AM • Like Profile

Thank you. A 10, a friend, is what you are.

Your avatar
MFish • 09/22/2021 at 05:47AM • Like Profile

Thank you. I owe it to you for providing this format to all.

Give Me

Posted by MFish Profile 09/19/21 at 08:38PM Humor See more by MFish

Give me a number
which is in your head,
and I will write
somethng different, instead
of the usual stuff.
It may be smooth but
it also may be rough.
Something new for me
if you will play,
this foolish game with me.

Your avatar
MFish • 09/21/2021 at 03:56PM • Like Profile

I wrote one last night, from 1 to 10. I'll publish it later, for you.

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