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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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Here it is, 5 a.m. and I have been,
awake for hours.
Perhaps, I can write the words,
rattling around, in my head
and so, I'll make an effort,
to remove all the dread,
of ever being able to sleep,
for more than 2 hours,
in my warm, comfy bed.
Sleeping in my recliner,
is not a problem
as attested by my wife.
Switching to another page,
as I feel these many words,
trying to escape to paper.

The call came, from far and wide.
Do not watch, the evening tide,
For those, who, do decide,
Will not go back, to be inside.
Captured by the moonlit side
Of surfs, sweet sound to deride,
Nevermore, for eyes of wide
And so to you, who must provide,
Shelter to all those, still outside.

I will write, songs of love
About you and me,
Thinking of heaven above
And my love for thee.
Someday, when time is there,
To revel in the past,
I will remember, your silver hair,
And how our marriage, did last.
Sixty years, is a long time,
For a union, such as ours.
It was never as sublime,
For it had it's bad time too,
And so I'll try to put to rhyme,
My words of love, for you.

Please tell me your tale of woe,
On this bright and sunny day,
Of how you came to lie,
On the shoulder of the highway.
You lie there, as cars zip past,
As quickly, as if to fly,
With dust, a swirl, as they pass.
Did somebody, cast you out,
As not quite fit to wear,
Or if you were about,
To be thrown, into the air?

Where are you, my love?
Why have you gone away?
Has your mind taken you,
To someplace you can play?
I know, these past few years
Have been, so hard, every single day
And every night, I do pray,
That your health will improve
And yet you worsen every day.