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Posted by MFish

The dormant grass, so ugly and brown,
Started it's greening, as rain falls down.
While the picture, of grass being dead,
Runs through, my old and weary head.
I should know better, not to fear,
That Natures power, the greening is near.
I must plant, new bulbs in September,
For Spring's bright display and to remember,
Colors that will, erupt from the bed
Of our yard, that looks very dead.

No more cries, ere the
morning light.
No more whys of this
present plight.
No more random talks
without a notion.
No more discussion
with no emotions.
No more ringing
of the bell.
No more consideration,
gone to hell.
No more talks,
about anything.
No more happiness,
will it bring.
No more of life,
we know today.
No more my wife,
who will go away.

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