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Posted by MFish

From my memories, far in the past,
A thought emerges and it comes fast,
On this morning, so dark with rain.
Memories that evolved, both pleasure and pain,
Of lost adventures, with people I've known.
Some no longer here; some have flown,
To another career and wonderful time,
That makes me happy, with bliss, sublime,
For my friends, now down to a few,
I bid you farewell and say adieu.

Late last Summer; some barren ground,
Tempted me to spread or lay down,
A mixture of old Perennial seed.
The seed did grow, without a weed
And flowers with a very strong stalk,
By the edge of our City sidewalk.
Daisies, Bachelor Buttons and mystery flowers
Grew and grew through day light hours.
Blues, Whites, Golds one could see
And a sense of good, was mine to be.
This year, the flowers, some new to me,
With the arrival of a Orange Blackseed Poppy.
I can hardly wait to see the surprise,
When that corner of flowers do arrive.

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