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Posted by MFish

My Mind

Posted by MFish Posted on 05/08/2020 at 10:17PM Humor See more by MFish

My mind has chosen to wander,
a distant path towards
the corner of
nooks and crannies.
Dislodging memories,
stuck in my head.
Memories of many occurrences
I thought were dead.
Capture them now, don't wait
using ink and pen,
for if not on paper;
they will end.
These sensitive thoughts you find,
not "Let's Pretend."
Pretend you are a Pirate with
a big sword
and you're at sea, aboard ship,
of your own.
When you come across, a Merchant
Ship of Trade.
You soon will board this ship
and capture the flag,
all booty and treasures
will be yours.

I went to a bar to get a drink,
for sometimes it helps me to think.
It was a dark, quiet, just before noon.
When I looked to my left there was a Baboon.
"Do I know you?", I said to he.
"I don't believe so, although I see
a resemblance of an old friend of mine,
who knew me when young and was kind
to me and family at that time of my life
and was the place I first met my wife."
That was the Baboon, relating to this old man,
of what his life was and how it began.
I was captured and removed from my family;
taken to a place where I could no longer be
with from my friends and others like me.
So I became lonely, very much like thee.
I thought a little as I remembered that refrain,
so I said, "My friend, are you pulling my chain?"

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