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Posted by MFish

As a young boy,
I liked to climb
up on things.
Climbing fence
or up a tree,
was how I played
and it was free.
Fun to do,
not scary at all,
until that fateful day,
I soon did fall
out of the tree,
on to my head.
I think my Cousins
thought I was dead.
I went to bed,
which I shouldn't
have done.
But I arose later
to have more fun.

I was at the Pub,
having a brew,
when a movement, I saw
and it was you.
Those beautiful brown eyes
reeled me in and thinking
I might even win
a piece of your affection.
I began, touching your hair,
saying to you, here I am.
You nosed me, with your stubby nose.
It was then I said,
anything goes and then I knew
I loved you so much,
my little Shih Tzu.

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