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Posted by MFish

Across the fields of golden grain,
among the rolling hills in view,
I feel the warmth on my back
as the Sun comes into view.
On this late Fall day,
I am in my truck, a 39 Ford,
ready to move close to the Combine,
that will soon be harvesting
the heads of golden wheat.
Driving along side, with grain filling
the truck bed, while the Combine
discharges the wheat stalks or chaff
out its back.
We stop just ahead, as I have
a full load. Drive out from the
field, over rutted ground to the
Main road, then back to town
where the Grain Elevator is.
I get in line, waiting my turn,
then on the scale to weigh my load.
Up to the elevator, where I use
my levers to raise up the bed
and dump out the wheat. It goes
down through the grate and into
storage to await processing.
The truck bed now empty,
I've dumped my whole load.
Back to the highway, then to the field,
as I repeat this task once more with ease.
Happy am I at the age of sixteen.

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