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I sit there with my hair "slicked" back.
If I weren't a young man,
I would probably, let out a quack,
My hair was groomed with "butch" wax.
A "Princeton" they called it,
short on the top,
long on the sides,
combed from front to back,
then a vertical line
on the back of my head,
gave me that look, a DA.*
A White Stag jacket, all white,
with the collar turned up
and my pant cuffs were tight.
Pegged pants, was the word we would use,
you could put in your feet, sans your shoes.
Pants were hung below the waist, at your rear.
One sharp looking Dude, with a strut.
A fashion that held for a few more years.

* DA = ducks a-- or more politely it's rear

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