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I stand amongst these tall,
trees, in Norther Idaho.
We are out, scouting for Elk.
I'm riding a Honda Trail 50.

I'm amazed by the
quantity of tall Fern Glades,
stretching across my sight line.
An open cathedral of ferns and trees.

Visibility seems to extend forever.
I don't recall seeing the beautiful sight
in my home state of Washington.
It probably exists on the Peninsula.

A spiritual moment,
I still say
an appropriate view,
on this warm Spring Day.

A memory of 1964, outside Moscow Idaho.

Indonesia’s Mount Ibu, a volcano in North Maluku province, erupted on Saturday, May 18, 2024, spewing thick grey ash clouds two and half miles into the sky, as streaks of lightning flashed around its crater. The eruption forced the evacuation of nearby villages. Ibu iis considered one of the most active of the 128 volcanos in Indonesia. It sits on the Pacific Ring of fire which spans over 15 countries and has 450 volcanos -- (75% of Earth’s volcanoes). About Ninety percent of Earth’s earthquakes occur along the Pacific Ring of Fire. More