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First Light, Bob's Cove, South Island, New Zealand. Photo and video by Don Smith Photography.

In this video, Don Smith walks you through the steps of processing this RAW file through his finished output. He uses Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar 2018 and Tony Kuyper Luminosity Masks to shape the light to his liking.

Click the image below to see Don Smith's "Light Sculpting" video. 

Do you struggle with getting consistent prints? Do your prints tend to be a bit dark and muddy? I'll bet at some point we have all answered a definitive YES to both of these questions - I know I did. What I've learned over the years of working in a digital medium is that our eyes can deceive us. It has to do with context. It will trick you every time. I'll elaborate more on this next month.What I've learned to do is to rely on math and not what I think I'm seeing on my screen. In this month's video, I show you what has taken me years to learn. I know it will work for you but only is you follow all three steps! Click here or the image below to view the video