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A Journey

Posted by MFish Profile 09/10/21 at 11:40PM Other See more by MFish

A dog called Spot,
a black cat called Sue,
left their town
on a horse named Blue.

They were looking for
an adventurous trip,
to the Big City
and new friends who were hip.

Leaving their town
on a sunny afternoon,
they arrived in the city,
a few minutes past noon.

The very first place,
was a park they saw,
where they stopped to rest
and heard a big caw.

What is that noise,
Spot wanted to know
They espied a
very black Crow.

Where are you going
the Crow asked of them?
My name is Sam,
should I tell you again?

A large crowd had gathered.
Many pigeons, a Squirrel, called Jim,
for he had never seen a horse,
at least not blue and so thin.

Come to the pond, over there,
said Jim, pointing his tail,
you can drink, quenching your thirst.
They all sipped from the water,
until their stomachs almost burst.

Sam, the Crow, then said to all,
"come here, the view is good."
The group saw chairs and tables
with people eating all kinds of food.

"I am quite hungry," said Blue.
I can't eat that, is what I say,
for I need me some grass
or at least some Timothy Hay.

They like the park, quite a lot,
as they gathered that day,
saying"we must leave now
and be on our way."

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Loy • 09/11/2021 at 09:42AM • Like 1 Profile

Great story - you have such a gift of imagination and storytelling. :)

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MFish • 09/11/2021 at 10:16AM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy.

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MFish • 09/11/2021 at 10:16AM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy.

Fly Away

Posted by MFish Profile 09/08/21 at 11:39PM Other See more by MFish

Fly away,
oh, Blackbird fly.
Lift your wings
into the sky.
Fly to the beat
of a different drum.
Survey all you see,
flapping your wings,
as you soar,
over the path,
of life in play.
Enjoy your time,
for I know you,
won't stay.
You were my strength,
when the World was dim.
Go your own way,
where ever you must.
Be the brave soul.
In God we do trust.

The sound of silence,
a sound which is cold,
as a wind from the North
is blowing. The chill of
the air is everywhere,
cutting through your
lightweight clothes. No matter
the class act you were,
or the sordid life which
you led. What good is
this life, when there is
no joy, no kindness,
left in the World?

The Hammer

Posted by MFish Profile 08/27/21 at 09:36AM Other See more by MFish

The hammer fell,
not once or twice;
one more swing,
now it's thrice.

A hammer beats on
sheets of tin,
making surface marks,
using the peen.

Artistic touch, will begin,
when working on
a scene, placed within
and far beyond.

See the surface,
no longer smooth;
with each stroke
for a short peruse.

Myriad of Words

Posted by MFish Profile 08/18/21 at 11:18PM Other See more by MFish

A fascination.
An infatuation.
An attraction,
Puppy love.
For jealousy,
or envy
and hate,
why do
we have
to berate,
the love
of another,
more different
than we.
As a
total stranger
was pulled
from the
beautiful Sea.
What happens
now to
the most
beautiful word,
for hate
does not
belong here,
in this,
our land.
Hoping you
now understand.

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I've Searched

Posted by MFish Profile 07/18/21 at 10:38PM Other See more by MFish

I have searched the World over,
from near, far and wide,
searching for my partner,
who rode by my side.
A companion I loved
and defended at any cost,
until the most saddest of days,
when it was her life I lost.
I searched every cranny and flags unfurled,
in search of my love, a beautiful girl.
Thinking I had found her, a short while.
To me this person; It was there,
an instant awareness; I knew it was her.

The grandest of plan,
at least it was then.
The grandest of plan
ever devised by a man.
It was a great plan
and it would soon be,
one, which changed the Worlds view
of our Nations' history.
What happened on the night,
caused stress in our land
A military, watchful life,
away from here now.
Move quickly or I fear,
you no longer will
be with us the following year.

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