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Posted by MFish Profile 09/28/22 at 02:34AM Share Other See more by MFish

Pulling word bundles,
some large, some small,
many great words,
some, not at all.

String the words
in sentence form.
Nothing gallant,
just the norm.

Write out clearly,
so, you can see,
the flow of words
which are orderly.

When you've finished
or if it's done,
take some pride,
if it's the one.


Posted by MFish Profile 09/27/22 at 04:55AM Share Humor See more by MFish

Grab word bundles,
completing a task.
Nothing to say,
but since you ask.

I'll tell you a story,
one about self
and the adventures of
The Elf on the Shelf.

Late at night
he went creeping,
when all humans
were fast sleeping.

He scurried about
room to room,
without a worry
of impending doom.

Then in wee morning,
before early light,
set in a different location
then the last night.

Word Bundles

Posted by MFish Profile 09/26/22 at 02:14AM Share Poetry See more by MFish

Word bundles,
large and small.
tied by strings
of word constraint,
until a word picture,
is ready to paint.
Where are the words,
we use every day?
Have they been freed
and are now at play?
I'll use word bundles,
to craft a new song,
before my mind defaults,
into garbage. I say,
have a good morning,
have a good day.


Posted by MFish Profile 09/24/22 at 02:35AM Share Other See more by MFish

Only one thing in life is certain.
Events experienced every day.
Keeping all the good thoughts,
The bad thoughts can go away.

Hide them in the corner
of your all-inclusive brain.
Keeping inside your head,
until you can no longer retain.

It will be later, when you know,
they appear and will cause strife
All the hidden fears,
will try to change your life.

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