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Posted by MFishProfile 06/04/21 at 10:50PM Lifestyle See more by MFish

When there are days of love,
there will be no days of sorrow,
for all of the days of yesterday,
will be back again, tomorrow.
Yesterday has gone away
and today will be the morrow.
Look thee back, on those days,
finding the memories to borrow,
making this life a better one,
of happiness, without the sorrow.

Black Night

Posted by MFishProfile 03/24/21 at 11:18PM Lifestyle See more by MFish

The black cloak of night
descends on this World, ours
and moonlight may come again
as the Moon fights with the Stars.
Are we creatures of the dark?
Do we keep our voices hidden?
Can we not be friends again
or must our friendship be ridden.
Rid us of the hate we have
for others who do not look
the same as us.
Before long we all will be riding
on this excuse of a fairness bus.

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I heard the Sirens call,
when I first went to sea.
I'm hearing it once more,
as she is searching for me.
A mournful sound, as I recall.
There was nothing there to see,
except to know in my heart,
she will soon be finding me.
Should I hide away from here?
Will she let me flee,
or go to the Earth's end,
to capture the Soul of me?
I now dream of sleepless nights
when I was last at sea,
knowing when the Siren calls,
it may be the end of me.

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