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In many cultures, striking up a conversation with a stranger is the norm, and could even lead to a budding friendship. But not for the Swedes....In Sweden, casual chattiness is seen as needless, since conversation is used for exchanging real, meaningful information. More at BBC ➜


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Sometimes it helps to go back and look at what was written. This was on January 6, 2018

A Comment by Loy

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Loy • 10/27/2023 at 11:25PM • Like Profile

A beautiful poem - thank you for reposting.

I Am Tiring

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I am tiring,
when faced with those,
who attempt to play,
"head" games.

"Suck up's" are nearby,
buddying up with those
who had a position here.
Enough already. Pay no homage.

There are some "smooth talkers",
here, all men. Some naive women,
who don't recognize when
someone is "hitting on" them.

I suppose there are some
games they played before,
coming here.
I've heard most of them.

I am certain, this isn't the only
place where this occurs. Nevertheless,
I find it amusing, but also sad these
type of games being played at
this time of life.
How old am I?

I tire of talking to a Memory Care Resident.
He is always talking to many who cannot
understand or carry on a conversation.
He is demanding of attention, yet won't
sit still to complete an activity.

Initially he irritated me with his constant
complaining. I told him to leave the others
alone and to please don't intrude when I am
sitting with my wife who will awake at random
to say a few words.

Now for some reason, I am his best friend.
He will poke me on the leg if I am not
looking at him.
He must some kind of plan. I know not what
it is, as he keeps reminding me that he will
help me. Hopefully, he will not recall any
conversation he had with me.
I see new residents coming into the facility
in Memory care. There is a sadness I see.
(More to come)


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