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Golden Yellow

Posted by MFishProfile 04/03/21 at 08:38AM Gardening See more by MFish

A golden, yellow curve entwines,
amongst the Tulip petals.
Tulip flowers; the delicate curve
of a Lover's breast, standing
with stems erect, as if in prayer,
as they genuflect among
the grey-green altar leaves.
Long is the beauty, visions to be
of Spring flowers, showing their
wares against the Grape Hyacinth
and golden Daffodils.

I Feel

Posted by MFishProfile 03/10/21 at 11:05PM Gardening See more by MFish

I feel the dampness as I kneel
down on the grass.
My knees are exposed. When
I work in the flower garden,
I wear jean shorts.
Roots from a large Maple tree,
mar the dark soil.
As I work, planting bulbs
in a hostile piece of dirt,
full of roots and rocks.
Dig down to the level you need
to plant the bulbs, usually 6 inches.
Do not forget to place
the chicken wire, screen
or you will find some bulbs
planted by your squirrel in
other parts of the yard, next Spring.

I See

Posted by MFishProfile 01/20/21 at 11:23PM Gardening See more by MFish

I see so much new growth
in our flower beds.
I am praying now,
for this projected freeze,
to pass us by,
for the joy I see now
may turn into a cry
if the Frost attacks the
tender new growth.
Snow is OK as young
plants handle it well.
No so much the old plants
as snow will act like an
undisciplined pruner.


Posted by MFishProfile 01/01/21 at 11:13PM Gardening See more by MFish

There was a starkness amongst the
barren branches of trees in
the Arboretum, on this grey,
Christmas Day.
And yet, there was a sign of
welcome. A sign of a Spring,
yet to come.
Plants are beginning an early bud.
Daffodils are showing their tips,
an offering the Rabbit will choose
to ignore.
Hellebores are close to a bloom.
A glorious sight on this hallowed day.

The Wind Gusts

Posted by MFishProfile 11/07/20 at 09:33PM Gardening See more by MFish

The wind gusts against tree and limb,
rattling the leaves; creating a din.
Small, dead branches fall without sound,
amongst the Maple leaves covering the ground.
Break out the rakes, for a short while.
Start raking those leaves into a pile.
Pick up all leaves, at the scene,
to get a jump on this Fall scene.

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