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The 53 acre Bellevue Botanical Garden was established in 1992 and It is located east of downtown Bellevue on Main Street. It consists of several smaller gardens - each of them with its own character and focus. Read more

New Cycle

Posted by MFish Profile 02/25/22 at 01:28PM Share Gardening See more by MFish

So, this is the new cycle,
of snow on the ground.
A white assassin,
is what has been found.

The new growth
of yellow Daffodils,
covered with snow,
as they try to bloom.

Cold conditions, with ice,
may kill off the blooms,
while new tulips appear,
retarded by the gloom,
of non-sunny days,
bringing heat to warm,
does little to bring the
climate back to norm.

A Rose

Posted by MFish Profile 02/17/22 at 11:53PM Share Gardening See more by MFish

A Rose petal, all dried,
clung to the bush,
until it had died.
A sad tale of a love, down,
as the Summer passed
and the Rose turned brown.

Your avatar
Loy • 02/19/2022 at 12:04AM • Like Profile

Love the poem and the photo.

Your avatar
MFish • 02/19/2022 at 12:16AM • Like Profile

Ahh, thank you my friend.

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