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Once upon a time
there was a man,
who thought he would,
live forever.

Forever, is not quantifiable,
therefore, it was not ad infinitum.
What once was a lifetime,
becomes short when you are told,
you have three to four months to live.

A hard reality, yet it now is my destiny
to fight this Stage 4, Pancreatic cancer,
with all means, positive attitude, support
and most importantly, not tire and quit.
I will not go gently into the good night.

A Comment by Yelena

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Yelena • 07/20/2024 at 06:52AM • Like 1 Profile

PSALM 139. ❤️

No one has said,
Life will be easy.
No one has said,
Life will be hard.

Please tell me,
why I can no longer,
play in your yard?
Must I act, stronger?

To deliver, the time,
for the coming day,
must I now flee
and soon runaway?

Do you understand,
what life is about?
It's not aways a whisper,
but is often a shout.

Sometimes, I think
of all of the inanity,
as I experience, walking
on the edge of insanity.

One moment alone,
is all I ask, to be with you.
To see the smile on your face,
and those brown eyes, too.

So many years we lived together,
in good times, bad times never,
oft forgotten as we would make up,
and be the loving couple forever

A Comment by Susie

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Susie • 07/19/2024 at 07:53PM • Like 1 Profile


The mind can be a terrible place,
as thoughts, with worries, enters,
to interfere with the logic of your mind.
Never fear. Think and believe, you will see.

It's the little things,
I miss most in this new life.
When my love, my rock
is no longer here. My wife.

What happens,
when you're told,
"You're very sick, now,
but hey! You're old."

Just one moment,
is what I say.
If you can't be positive,
please go away.

I feel better than
I have for years,
so please don't,
bring up old fears.

You've lived a long life,
isn't that enough?
Well, ok, so what?
I will be tough,

I will fight,
this dreaded disease.
When I win,
I'll be at ease.

A time of life, I am now aware,
for I know about when I will leave,
this world. Stage 4 Liver/Prostate Cancer,
a statement about your life's end.
At this point in time friends, always
important are more now than ever.

At this stage of life,
another step toward,
the final outcome,
of a life lived, with joy.

I have too many words,
stuck in my head.
Some about youthful dreams,
and about looking ahead.

Why look ahead,
you have been told the news,
"Your life choices are over,
You can no longer choose."

I can still find a way,
to fight this disease, and choose,
a path of courage,
to win and not lose.

I choose life,
above all the rest,
to fight the good fight,
by becoming my best.


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