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Up Ahead

Posted by MFish Profile 08/07/22 at 06:48AM Share Other See more by MFish

Up ahead in the fading light
appears a person, quite unlike
anyone I have seen before.
Eyes of blue, crooked smile,
a stranger, strolling, down
the path to Lord knows where,
it was then, I became aware,
she was tall and lithe,
so unlike those I know.
As I drew closer,
I heard a sound. Melodious
to my ear, a catchy tune,
in an Alto tone, which
reminded me of an old
friend of mine, who passed
away, some time ago.
I started to say hello,
but she kept walking like
she knew this land and
been here before.
I'll always remember this
sight for she was another
one who was looking around
to find her way, into the town.
Blue the eyes, gold the hair
I miss seeing you and your
bright smile.


Posted by MFish Profile 08/07/22 at 06:45AM Share Other See more by MFish

Original post, January 2018

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Carl • 08/08/2022 at 02:10PM • Like Profile

It is interesting how one reacts to a poem at different times. I remember reading and liking this poem the first time you posted it. This time it hit a special cord.... very nice..

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MFish • 08/08/2022 at 08:15PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Carl

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