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Do you remember your first book?
Did it have pictures? Did you look
at the pictures and writing too?
What do you remember, trying to do?
Was it, perchance, a coloring book?
Did you stay within the lines? Look
at where you are today
and what you read to your dismay.
Enjoy your books and papers too,
for the writing by others, may enlighten you.


Posted by MFish Posted on 09/29/2020 at 08:53PM Other See more by MFish

Have I seen you around?
Have you been here before?
May I walk you home?
Could we just explore,
Talking of the times
And things we adore.
Would you have dinner with me
So we can talk and see
If we are compatible and
Have the same love,
Or is our meeting
Just a passing love?
It must be difficult,
During a time like this
For there will be no hugging
And most certainly, No Kiss.

A long, long time ago,
in a place far away,
where the Elf and Fairy,
would come to play.
A wooded place with Sun
and shade,
where many toys and tools
were made.
Tools of trade, people
would say,
Sorcerer wands were made
every day,
for use by the Wizards, here
to stay.
A spell to move all the
darkness away.
The zap of a wand can sting
as well
for you will believe you've gone to the
Gates of Hell.

Write the words that pour forth.
Think not of the meanings
or the time. There is no
reason, I'd understand
if I could not write
words in the sand.
The sands of time and
life our hate has caused
most looks of awe,
makes some sense,
comes to me but I cannot
for my hands are free
to do the tasks God
sent to me. Write down your feelings.
Do it now. Do not worry
about how they may sound,
if you are alone. Just stay
away from that darn phone.
The phone has become your brain,
not your love but a disdain
of not having a Social contact
today. So I'll leave and run from here
and try hard to just go and disappear.

Ugly your thoughts.
Ugly your words,
When you tweet,
It's so absurd.
You know not of love.
You only know hate,
For you chastise others,
When you lie and berate,
The goodness of those
Who wear simpler clothes.
Perhaps it's the truth,
Which will soon depose
Of your hateful rhetoric,
Only the Voter knows.

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