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Come back to me, my elusive one.
Return to our old life.
Be the one who breaks this curse
of the Dementia which has your mind.
Helping you prepare for bed,
I did resent but now instead
work with you, my lovely child,
as you talk to me and smile.
The smile from many years gone by,
as I ask the Lord, please tell me why.

I will love you still,
after the bloom of the
Rose has left.
When the petals have lost
their color
and life is no longer
on this Earth.
You will always be
my forever.

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Loy • 10/23/2020 at 11:21PM • Like 1 Profile

Beautiful poem and photo

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MFish • 10/25/2020 at 12:15AM • Like Profile

You are too kind to this old person. I do appreciate your comments. Encouragement is good.

A shadow passed over my window today.
An omen perhaps, of a coming sad day.
What can you do, when you control not
your personal scene? It can't be bought
but may soon be seen, as we manifest
in life to somewhere between,
a rock and a hard place.
Why is our life so troubling to me
when all I want is for you and thee
to be happy together in the life of ours
and not need the medicine in jars.
I pray to God, the Lord above
and will maintain our profound love.

How does a sharp, intelligent, complex
personality change into a very simple soul,
with no knowledge or understanding
of local or world events?
A simple soul she is this day,
wanting not. She doesn't pray
for help from above for
she relies on a forever love.
I miss the girl I married.
I miss the memories of our past.
I enjoy talking to her socially.
I find it challenging to instruct
her in the personal aspect of life,
knowing she does not retain
anything that I teach her.
She is a simple soul, who cares
about her granddaughters
but struggles to recall their names.
Goodnight, sweet dreams, my love.

The brightness is leaving her eyes,
as her long term memory, slowly dies.
Short term memory, I can understand
but losing long term memory, is at hand.
No memory of when we first wed.
All thoughts of our life are now dead.
Losing long term memory loss, is bad.
Perhaps this explain why I feel sad.
I'm the only one in the family now,
who remember our love and life's vow.

I feel the ground tremble,
beneath my feet
and I step back slowly,
starting my retreat.
What is the nature of
this cause bizarre?
I ask of you, "Stay
where you are.
Please do not move any
closer to me,
for I fear for you;
let me be."
The noise in my head,
the pain in my heart,
will now keep us separate
and far apart.
What do I say now?
You've gone away
and I must stay here,
on this saddest day.

Is it worth the risk,
the rest of your life,
when you begin to covet
another man's wife?
Or is it not a covet,
but merely a try
to have a conversation,
just one more time.
How can you be lonely,
when there's someone near,
who's physical presence is now,
with mental capacity, not here.
There is no conversation, coming to me
for I've lost the concentration
about what I need to be.
I'm saddened now; I want her to stay.
Only time will tell
which one goes away.

Look in the past for the beautiful
image, I see next to me.
No one can tell us we can't love
each other, until the time we're free.
Please help me now,
for I feel like a stranger;
A strange thought for me.
Walk this way with me forever
and I will make you see,
my heart is breaking now,
as I no longer can be,
the mirror in the window,
of you looking back at me.

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