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My beloved's
thoughts are gone.
Broken sentence,
which make no sense,
as the words spoken,
elude me now.
She woke me at a early hour,
asking me why her underwear,
was in our bed?
Did I have plans for its use
or was this just a drill to see,
if I would lose my grasp
on the contiued attack on my sanity?

When I write,
I feel fine.
When the words stop,
will I remain kind?
I don't know.
Why am I asking you?
I'll keep on searching,
for it's what I do.
There are so many words,
but I will only use a few.

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Carl • 09/16/2021 at 02:38PM • Like 1 Profile

I always look forward to reading your writings

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MFish • 09/16/2021 at 10:31PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Carl. My mind is cluttered with worry but on occasion something pops through. I appreciate your kind comments.

The Heron

Posted by MFish Profile 09/14/21 at 12:14PM Nature See more by MFish

The Heron
stood motionless
in the ponds
brackish water.
Patiently awaiting
for the careless frog
or curious fish.
This prehistoric bird,
is what it must be,
still in this World.
It won't go away,
from the smell of the water
and it's brackish display
of decaying vegetation,
it smells every day.

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Loy • 09/14/2021 at 11:47PM • Like 1 Profile

Love this photo and the poem. Great capture!

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MFish • 09/16/2021 at 10:32PM • Like Profile

Thank you.

For want of some fun,
a brother died.
He Lived the good life,
what he tried.
Drinking booze and using drugs,
to his inside.
The abuse to his body,
trying to deride.
Too late was the recovery,
my brother died.

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Loy • 09/14/2021 at 11:49PM • Like 1 Profile

Sad story that gets repeated too often

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MFish • 09/15/2021 at 12:03AM • Like Profile

He was the youngest sibling. Would have been 65, this month.

"There is gold,
in them, there hills,"
would bring a rush
and tingle your skin,
as you dreamt of riches,
in the grounds depth, there in.
My grandfather, my father,
several brothers too,
had claims of land
and searched for gold.
The area was east of CleElum,
off the Blewett Pass Hiway;
a small venue town of Liberty.
Swauk Creek, where gold was
discovered in 1873.
Swauk Creek, was the place to be.
It had been dredged and the creek
bed was marred with large piles of
rock and debris.
It would not pass today, environmentally.
Many a "stake" was made and a claim
would be filed. Usually the object was
to dig a mine, the assumption being
the gold washed down from the hillside
above the creek. You, the claim owners,
were required to show, a specified dollar
amount of investment, annually and track
the amount of time spent.
To discover the gold, which still remained,
was a wild idea and it was your claim.

Once upon a midnight,
I was weary
and forgot to close the large garage door.
Someone stopped by for midnight shopping
and decided they like my golf clubs.
When I awoke the next morning I looked
out the window and saw three different
colored objects, that looked like my golf
hats which I had put on top of my late clubs.
I sit here now,not being teary for I hadn't
played golf for 4 or 5 years as I lacked the time
and was a full time care giver for my wife
who has Dementia.
I was going to sell the clubs as that is what
those who play at golf like to do. My only
regret was they took my YES putter which I
had grown sentimental about.
The value of the clubs as old as thesee wasn't
too high. Unfortunately the replacement costs
are close $2800. Oh well perhaps it is someone
who can make use of the idle equipment and enjoy
the benefit. Hope not but, please return my putter.

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Loy • 09/13/2021 at 12:10AM • Like Profile

People! I don’t think of golfers as being thieves, but… sorry for your loss.

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MFish • 09/13/2021 at 04:18AM • Like Profile

There are always a few bad apples in every bushel. Pretty brazen act as the clubs are or were next to the entrance into the house. That bothers me more.

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Loy • 09/14/2021 at 11:53PM • Like 1 Profile

Wow - that is nerve wracking. Glad they didn’t try to come in.

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As We Sat

Posted by MFish Profile 09/12/21 at 10:26PM Life Stories See more by MFish

As we sat on the bed,
folding laundered clothes,
you looked at me
and said, "Are you my wife?"
I told you , I am
your husband.
I asked you if you knew my name?
Your said, "Joe" who is our oldest
Son. You tell me you love me
and I believe that you do,
but I am almost as confused
as I find in you.

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Loy • 09/13/2021 at 12:13AM • Like 1 Profile

She knows she loves you ❤️ (even if you are confused)

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MFish • 09/13/2021 at 04:19AM • Like Profile

Heck, I am always confused. Have a visit with my cardiologist today at 1. Need to find out why I am always nodding off, when I read.

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Loy • 09/14/2021 at 11:55PM • Like 1 Profile

Lack of good sleep and stress. (That will be $65…)

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MFish • 09/15/2021 at 12:09AM • Like Profile

Good. That is what my Dr. said.

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