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Long is Her Neck

Posted by MFish Profile 08/11/22 at 09:31PM Share Humor See more by MFish

Long is her neck,
large are her eyes.
Brown is her hair,
strong were her thighs.
A quaint place to live.
She loves it too.
Her favorite place,
The Woodland Park Zoo.
A Giraffe, so tall
and so cool, like you.

I Am

Posted by MFish Profile 08/11/22 at 09:21PM Share Life Stories See more by MFish

I am becoming
more emotional.
A simple thought
about my wife,
moistens my eyes.
A lonely tear,
courses down
my cheek.
Why is that?
Am I so weak,
I can't control
a simple emotion?
Yet when a
simple thought,
touches this old brain,
it turns to sadness.

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Loy • 08/11/2022 at 11:17PM • Like 1 Profile

I’d suggest they are very complicated emotions❤️‍🩹

Cool this morning
with temperatures rising
to another warm,
Pacific Northwest Day.
A cool breeze
ruffles the leaves
and squeezes the
limbs of the tall
Fir trees.
The first hint of
Fall touches the air.
Leaves will begin to turn
colors as the evening
coolness follows
Natures lead.

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