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Posted by MFish

Alone on a hillside on a Fall day,
hoping a deer might come my way.
I sat with my back to a large tree,
when the Sun rose, shining on me.
I struggled hard to stay awake
but not on this day, a nap I did take.
I'm not sure of just how
long I slept by that big tree.
When I awoke an animal was looking at me.
Rubbing my eyes, using the back of my hand,
thinking, at last it was the promised land.
No such luck and I'm unsure of how;
I was looking into the eyes of dairy cow.

Floating in the air
as a moth to the flame,
when he arrived here.
It was never the same,
as he spoke in riddles,
when people gathered around.
His words that he uttered
were very unsound.
"Pay to me your homage,
pay every day or I will
turn this World into pain."
He had no compassion
for woman or man
and lies and stealing was
his primary plan.
Tell them what they want to hear
but do not deliver or keep your word
and soon they will make a King out of you.

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