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Posted by MFish

A silver pathway to the stars,
be sure to turn left at Venus and Mars.
Travel this path, which is very long,
humming "Stairway to Heaven", a song.
A dream is the only place to try
flying through the bluest of sky.
I finally awake on this beautiful morn,
going back to the day I was born.
Remember that place? No, not at all,
but was told it was a table out in the hall.
No doctor present none you could see;
it was a midwife that delivered me.

Floating in the air
as a moth to the flame,
when he arrived here.
It was never the same,
as he spoke in riddles,
when people gathered around.
His words that he uttered
were very unsound.
"Pay to me your homage,
pay every day or I will
turn this World into pain."
He had no compassion
for woman or man
and lies and stealing was
his primary plan.
Tell them what they want to hear
but do not deliver or keep your word
and soon they will make a King out of you.

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