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Off We Go

Posted by MFish Profile 01/13/22 at 10:46PM Share Other See more by MFish

Off we go
on a free
writing spree.
Just write
the words,
so rapidly,
there's no
time to
rationalize or
decide if
acceptable prose,
no matter,
what's said,
this will
still be
a better
day of
joyful time.
Lost my
mind, sprang
out the
door to
nowhere here
and no
way we
can it's
idiocy at
it's finest

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William Blake - (1757 – 1827) was an English poet, painter, and printmaker. Although Blake was largely unrecognized during his life, he is now considered an influential figure in the history of the poetry and visual art of the Romantic Age. Blake was considered mad by contemporaries for his idiosyncratic views, but he is now held in high regard by later critics for his expressiveness and creativity, and for the philosophical and mystical undercurrents within his work. Read more

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