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Where to start, where to begin,
When do we talk about
The poison within?
It lies deep inside, this body ours,
Manifested by fear and hate.
Trusting no one; only what you see,
Believing liars and their hypocrisy.
Avoiding the truth; idolizing the aberration
And the internal root of our Nation.
What good things still remain inside,
The hateful vengeance; what we see,
When someone else, decides to disagree.
The pent up hate, inside a Soul.
The pain and anguish will take its toll.
They hide amongst us, oh they do,
Being friendly but not liking you.
We must rid the hate from within;
Living our lives; free women and men.

A young boy, shy and forlorn,
quiet since the day he was born.
His only shoes were quite scuffed,
clothing was clean but tattered and torn.
He played with others
when ever he could,
but most of the time was by himself,
behind the house, deep in the Wood.
This shy, retiring , bashful guy
would get anxious and
sometime he would cry,
for someone to help him.
To tell him "this is your day."
Play when you want and
do whatever you say,
but treat all people as a friend
and if you do that for life
it will be real and not "Let's pretend."

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MFish • 12/20/2020 at 11:28PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Carl


Posted by MFish Posted on 12/09/2020 at 10:44PM Other See more by MFish

Fate can be funny,
It can be sad.
Sometimes it is good,
It also may be bad.

My favorite, during isolation,
was the discovery we made,
which brought us great elation.
The Rooster Bakery out
Woodinville way, on the East
side of Highway 202, as you
head South from Woodinville.
It is an oasis; a refuge,
with it's open patio, surrounded
by high walls of grape vines.
During clear days the patio was
lovely. When there is "foul" weather,
we go indoors, to a cozy setting,
amongst the many antiques.
Both proprietors are friendly,
courteous, warm and gracious hosts.
They have taken an interest in my
wife, who has Dementia and treat
us like Family. For this I am very
As an aside, their wine and spirits
are made on premise. There is a
lovely arrangement of baked goods
including a wonderful Lentil soup.
A tasting room has wine made in the
old style and a broad assortment of

What was it like, when there were
no cars?
When the Gods we worshipped, were
Venus, Jupiter and Mars.
Would you wonder, what a strange
World was out there,
Or just be indifferent and continue being
so unaware?
All of the years, which have passed through
those ancient eyes,
were there questions, unanswered and
left to surmise?
Don't you wonder now, how we
became so unwise?

Some times we're like animals,
but lest I repeat,
we can behave like
dogs coming into heat.
There are many emotions
down by our feet,
of jealousy and anger,
which are not a treat.
Some numb the senses,
like love so complete,
then a deep sadness,
causes one to retreat;
run from this life,
once more a defeat.

The Barn

Posted by MFish Posted on 11/19/2020 at 11:17PM Other See more by MFish

The barn sat back from the road,
surrounded by pasture; there was no abode.
The weathered boards had once been red
but are now mottled; old boards from a shed.
What mystery stands there by the tree?
What's the history of this building I see?

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Alan • 11/20/2020 at 12:19PM • Like 2 Profile

I have similar thoughts when I see or when I am in very old buildings. As the saying goes, "if the walls could talk"

If You

Posted by MFish Posted on 11/18/2020 at 12:08PM Other See more by MFish

If you like what I write,
it is OK to comment, I say,
just write out your words,
don't run away.

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Loy • 11/19/2020 at 08:13PM • Like 1 Profile

Always enjoy reading what you write - poetry, stories, some with photos, others not, some deep, others playful...

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MFish • 11/19/2020 at 10:39PM • Like Profile

Your words always will lend
comfort to me, young friend.

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