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Cat lovers do all sorts of crazy things for their cats. They talk to them, dress them up in costumes, install 7-foot-tall cat towers in the living room, even put them in a backpack and take them for a hike. Can you believe the things people will do for their furry companions.
I would never do anything so ridiculous as these with our three cats. No, instead, I do something much more mature. I make up silly songs and serenade them, like any normal adult. They must enjoy my songs because they never seem to complain. Read more

The Devil

Posted by MFish Profile 05/11/22 at 10:19PM Share Other See more by MFish

The Devil has trodden on my soul.
Imparting thoughts, unworthy
of a place in God's world.
Why does this happen
when my intentions are to be
the best person, I possibly can,
while spending time with thee.
Thought are not immoral
only selfish desires by me
to be alone and unencombered
by my duty, caring for thee.

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