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We wont be together with our family
on this upcoming Thanksgiving
because of published guidelines.
I don't like it but I understand
and we will comply in an effort to
diminish exposure.
My wife, however, cannot grasp why,
it must be when others are
with their family. She has advanced
Dementia. What you or I can
justify why, she cannot use logic
or reason. It's sad for her
and painful to me, when I see
her anguish about not seeing
her granddaughter.

A short burst of words,
down to this page
with the noisiest pen,
I've ever engaged.
Words continue to pop,
in this old head of mine.
Some new words perhaps,
but mostly quite dead.
Dead from the Latin
of so long ago.
Off in the night ,
I will soon flee,
for I believe Death
is now chasing me.

The still of the night.
A night without a Star,
with nary a moonbeam
to see where you are.
Alone in the dark,
with this scratchy pen.
I hope to live long
but I cannot depend
upon faith in this World,
so full of anger and pain.
Can we not have sunshine?
Enough with the rain.

Our ship was tied up to a
buoy in a lagoon of South Pacific Isle.
My shipmates and I had been
ashore. There were no commercial
boats for transportation. We had
specific departures scheduled
using our whale boat.
Larger ships had a "Captain's Barge.
Not us. Our was a whale boat.
A great time ashore but returning
to our ship, to our bunks and a hot
meal was in store. I recall
the trip once more.

Dear God, the Almighty, in heaven above,
Please help me understand the meaning of love.
Why the attraction, between woman and man.
Please dear Lord, help me now understand.
Enjoying being with someone, is not bad,
When away from them I feel quite sad.
It isn't romantic and it shouldn't be,
For it is in the attraction of physicality.
Is it because I hunger for words,
To share with others, sounds so absurd?
In any event, I must certainly see,
What love is, it will always be.

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