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A short, written note
about a missing goat,
which cannot be found,
but was spotted aground.
It's where it laid,
after the last parade.
Why write of things,
which our memory brings?
It means nothing to
any, certainly not your.
Using just four words,
is not so absurd,
I would just say,
have a good day.

The fire had grown dim
from an old flame from the past.
A hungering inflection of the way
we were then. Another time,
another lost dream, has returned
to this life, no matter the cost.
It's not what it seems
for the love of another, has never
crossed this floor. A short stay here,
at least not any more.

Years Ago

Posted by MFishProfile 04/14/21 at 10:32PM Other See more by MFish

Years ago, when light was gray;
Before the dawn of a coming day.
I arose early to watch the Moon,
traverse the Sky, like a Loon.
An object with a shape of long
forgotten material, lay among
the branches of a Maple tree,
awaiting the love, escaping me.
Far away from the lonely abode,
upon Death's horse, he rode.

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