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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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I dreamt I was important
And when I awoke,
I found that I was
Important, to someone like:
People who love you,
For the way you are,
Less than perfect.

Pleasure comes in many
Watching children playing,
Hearing girls, laughing,
The smell of fresh
Bread baking or
Touching someone,
You love.

We play word games,
You and I.
We talk in riddles.
Trying to explain, is
Hard to do.
It strains the brain.
Justifying a need, can
Be rationalized,
To the point, where
Anything is possible.
Personal fulfillment is
Elusive and differs
With individuals.
Involvement, with people
Must be mutual.

Whispers, in the night,
Come from corners of darkness.
Words, softly said,
To a friendly ear,
Draws you closer.
And now you hear,
The words, I love you,
Said, on blankets,
On the grass,
By those, whose presence,
Will soon pass,
Into nothingness.