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The World is a better place,
knowing where you are.
Being close behind me
or off on some faraway shore.

Would you ever, in your life,
think of who I am?
A lonely soul alone,
a solitary man.

I need someone
to help me understand,
and explain to me,
why I am a lonely man.

I realize I am not alone,
when there are others like me,
going through this time of grief,
My empathy is what they see.

For naught
the bell will toll,
as daylight falls,
and emotions boil.

Why do you worry so?
"It's just a life",
is what you said.
But "it's my wife",

and what you say
about the uncertainties now
are irresponsible to me
for I have made her a vow,

to love honor and obey,
in sickness and in health,
matters not about what.
Life is not about wealth.