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Posted by MFish

Can a Mind

Posted by MFishProfile 06/09/21 at 10:48PM Life Stories See more by MFish

Can a mind run dry of words?
It probably can, although it's not normal.
To stop writing? There isn't a clue,
so to this question, I answer,
"Please don't ask again as I am lost
and looking for an old friend."
Saying or writing this terrible line,
should make me humble, as I whine.
Please let me write, leave me be.
I have developed more love
of people like you.
Sorry, I can't help it for it is what
I do. Fickle? I suppose those words
describe this aged, old man
for I'm sure God has a plan, for
these rambling words of mine,
which flow over the land.
I may not know but you may
think on the subject and understand.

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