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Posted by MFish

I would rise in the morning,
to play golf before, my days work
started. My friends and I could play,
nine holes before we were due
at work. I managed a small Catalog Sales Office,
for Sears Roebuck, in Prosser Washington.
I recall, there were only three of us,
but I digress.
We had a friend, who played with us
quite frequently, but on this day, he was
at work. His work flying a Crop Duster.
The plane was a modified Piper Cub.
We were on the 9th green, putting. Our friend
flew low, to "buzz" us. I recall he was low
enough for someone to put their club in the a
air and hit a wheel strut.
Great memories from those early "Golf" days
still remain. I have lost touch with too many
of my friends, from the time some 60 years ago.

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