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Posted by MFish

Friends will come and friends will go.
Friends arrive quickly and some are slow.
When a disease, strikes one so dear,
Some friendships, will gradually disappear.
Not all will go, as some will stay,
For those who don't,they go away.
My love for you, will always be,
From now to, the end of eternity.

When the evening light, turns to black,
It's the time for a memory lapse.
Not recalling names of long lost friends,
Or remembering places we went to, often.
The sense of loss of her mind, I feel
Afraid for her, in this life surreal.
"Weep not for me", she's said before,
As we trudge towards that fateful door.
The cruelty of this disease, to me
Astounds my view of the lost memory.

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