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Posted by MFish

So many years have gone by when this incident occurred, I
almost forgot.
Our boys were young and wanted to fish. I wanted a boat to fish from.
I purchased a Ted Williams, 14 foot, aluminum row boat and pair of oars, from Sears Roebuck.
I was employed there and got a nice discount. A friend told me I should have
a motor. Coincidentally he had a Vintage, 1947, 5 HP Johnson 2 cycle, water
cooled motor. He told me that it needed a "quill shaft" and I had that
work done in West Seattle.
I waited until after school was out so our Sons and I
could have a few days off to fish.
I drove over to the Potholes. Don't remember the name
of the lake. I put the boat in the water, loaded the boys
and fishing gear with life jacket. I started the motor
and we were underway, as they say in the Navy.
We reached our destination and began to fish. Our luck
hadn't been good and was soon to continue the same.
We decided to return to camp so I attempted to try
to start the motor. No such luck. I grabbed the oars and
slowly began the long row back to our camp. I am sure
it wasn't that far as my memory of that time is
clouded. We packed up and went home as there was
a weather front coming in.
When I returned to work, the following Monday,
I saw my friend and told him my story. He looked at
me, laughed and said, " a 1947 5 HP Johnson, requires
you to loosen the cap on the gas tank. If you don't it will
lock up and it won't start." I don't recall using the boat
with the motor again.
I sold the boat to a friend that lived on
Lake Sammamish. If anyone is interested
in a Vintage, 1947 5 HP Johnson, outboard motor,
let me know as it is still in our garage, complete with
a quill shaft. My wife would love to have me move
it from the garage although it is in a place she never
ventures. Good boating; Good fishing.

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