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Posted by MFish

My grandmother was born in
Palouse City, Washington Territory.
Something I never knew
until later in life.
A Pioneer? Probably so.
She worked her life away,
when not bearing children,
as a Station Agent/Telegrapher,
for the Northern Pacific Railroad.
As a young boy, I spent time in
a small station, that is no longer
on the RR tracks but was moved
by my Father to his property,
a short distance away.
I recall that the train was used
as a US Mail Carrier.
The train didn't stop to deliver the
mail but would throw it off, in bags,
to the Station Platform.
Picking up the mail was accomplished
by an arm that had the mail bags,
suspended, and a hook on the Mail
car would grab the bag. Mail was
sorted in the Mail car for delivery to
the next town for distribution.
I have great memories of that
Station and of my Grandmother
operating the telegraph key.
She retired from the Norther Pacific
many years ago.

I hadn't written for days,
not even in hours,
until this time.
Watching all the sorrows,
poured forth on their march,
for days on the morrow.
Drown out the pain
enter the chaos,
for we are God's children.
All of us.
Pray for each other.
Pray as you please.
Pray for salvation,
down on your knees.

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