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Posted by MFish

The Owl

Posted by MFish Posted on 04/18/2020 at 11:00PM Humor See more by MFish

The Owl sat motionless and gazed
from the limb of a dead tree.
Lonely, hungry and now forlorn,
nothing came easy, since he was born,
or I should say hatched
for he finally had met his match.
She swooped in; she knows this place
and next to him, got in his face.
I am the ruler of this broad hood,
make sure that is now understood.
He nodded, in an acceptable way
and thought not to leave but to stay.
There soon would be Owlets to feed;
he was a hunter filling the need.

I am here.
You are not.
Our children grown,
a love sought,
from each other,
during journey's life.
We are still
husband and wife.
My thoughts gone,
from my head.
A mental state,
I now dread,
seeing you allow,
here and now,
fills my heart,
with my vow,
of loving you,
is my joy
and I do
all this for
you to see
the better part
of older me.

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