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The requests indicate they want to use the State Parks for up to 3 days at a time, and up to 36 training events a year. Time frames  cover all year except December so they would include the peak season at the parks of June through November. The request is for 5 years with an additional three, five year options. Which means 20 years

Make your voices heard. You can go here to learn more and here to comment online. You can read all 29 requests -- 262 pages- here. The Cama Beach State Park request is on page 11 and the one for Camano State Park is on page 20

* Should the role of the Police be redefined?  Read: A talk with Alex S. Vitale, author of the 2017 book The End of Policing || by Leah Donnella ~ NPR

* The J1 Visa. A State Department "cultural exchange program" with little oversight that amounts to a privatized guest-worker program — one in which the worker pays to obtain a job. Read: She Paid Thousands for a Visa to Work in the U.S. Then She Got Laid Off. Now, She’s Trapped. || by Bernice Yeung ~ ProPublica

* History Will Judge the Complicit || by Anne Applebaum - The Atlantic             

Trump began the day with a call to Russian President Vladimir Putin || by Heather Cox Richardson from Letters from an American

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